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Delivering horsepower … and a whole lot more

If you pulled into the parking lot of Industrial-Irrigation in Hastings, NE, and asked someone to take a look under the hood of your 1906 REO Model B Runabout, you might be met with a blank stare. Although we trace our history back to the A.H. Jones Co., which sold REO and Cadillac cars, time has definitely not stood still.

Just as those early autos were on the cutting edge when Jones hung out his shingle in 1904, we pack the latest engineering expertise — and many decades of experience — into every Reliable Horsepower package we produce today for our ever-expanding global customer base.

Put our experience to work for you.

Always more than just an engine

Industrial-Irrigation Services began in 1955 as a natural outgrowth of the car business, which was by then a Chrysler dealership. Although we purchased several basic engine models from Chrysler Industrial Engine Operations, we were never content to leave it at that. We built our business selling and servicing complete power packages.

When we became a separate corporation in 1966, we expanded our line of engines and related products and services even further.

Brands come and go — as Chrysler industrial engines did in 1995 — but the added value of customizing a complete solution to your power needs has grown more valuable than ever.

Total packages for the toughest applications

Our Reliable Horsepower packages are specifically designed to perform in the most demanding applications, including oil and gas, power generation, industrial and agriculture. Anyone can sell you an engine, but we begin by identifying the best engine for your project and then customizing the complete package for your individual requirements.

As a family-owned business without the restrictions of a rigid corporate structure, we have the flexibility to serve niche markets and handle unique, low-volume jobs. But we also have the workforce and technical resources to service large-volume customers from our Hastings, NE, headquarters with 20,000 square feet of shop and office space and 56,000 square feet of warehouse.

Best of all, we can grow with our customers — continuing to offer unique, customized power packages as their needs change over time.

Let's get started.

Whatever you need, we’ve got the solution

Our Reliable Horsepower packages are built around John Deere diesel engines, GM and Origin natural gas and LP engines, or Siemens Gas Engines, which use methane-based fuels, such as digester gas, biogas, wellhead and flare gas. Whether your project demands a little horsepower or a lot, stationary engines or mobile, we can engineer a suite of hardware and services to accomplish the task.

Once in the field, our highly trained technicians and parts specialists will ensure that your custom power solution gives you many years of worry-free service. We offer parts for a variety of brands, including Mopar, where our industrial engine journey began.

In fact, if you were to drive your REO Model B Runabout onto our parking lot, you’d probably get some enthusiastic takers to have a look at the power plant under that hood. But those parts would definitely be out of stock.