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Versatile, reliable natural gas engines.

If your job calls for a versatile natural gas engine, our Reliable Horsepower packages can provide the answer. Customized to meet your specific needs, our engines can operate on a wide variety of gases and fulfill the power requirements of myriad applications.

Custom engineering for your needs.

Reliable Horsepower means more than just an engine: It means engineering. Instead of providing off-the-shelf products, we engineer a solution to meet your specific needs. That includes:

  • Upfront consulting
  • In-house engineering support
  • Custom engine package design

Adapting to your gas source.

Natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, flare gas — our natural gas engines can be adapted to operate on a wide variety of gas sources. The overall versatility that sets our engines apart includes:

  • Wider fuel-capacity range
  • High-BTU and low-BTU wellhead gas applications

Meeting a wide variety of power needs.

Our Reliable Horsepower natural gas engine packages can rise to the challenge of the most demanding uses. Whatever the application, our engines can handle it, including:

  • Power generation
  • Co- and tri-generation
  • Mechanical drive applications

Let's get started.