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Economic, hard-working irrigation engines.

With more than 60 years of experience working with agricultural customers, we realize that the good years and bad years are sometimes separated by the narrowest of margins. That’s why we design irrigation engine packages that are economical, reliable and simple to operate.

Easy on you … and your wallet.

Like any business, agriculture has its share of inputs — not the least of which are the cost of fuel and your time. To minimize the impact of those inputs, we design irrigation engine systems that are fuel-efficient and user-friendly.

More pumping with less downtime.

Like any piece of equipment, an irrigation engine only makes you money when it’s doing its job — and not sitting idle in a field. Our packages are engineered to: 

  • Meet the needs of your individual application
  • Remain durable and reliable for the long haul
  • Require fewer replacement parts

Control pumps from one location.

All those trips to the north 40 to turn on or shut off the pumps can be a thing of the past with our fully electronic engine packages. We help you conserve both time and water with engine packages featuring remote start/stop and remote monitoring.

Let's get started.

Combine our reliable products and decades of experience, and you simply can’t go wrong.

We can help you choose the right irrigation engine for your needs and your engine will arrive ready to go, providing maximum power in a compact package.

We’re proud to work with an expansive dealer network that offers complete installation, parts and service support. Highly-trained technicians and parts specialists will keep your engine running strong for years to come.