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Industrial-Irrigation is a global supplier of customized, John Deere PowerTech™ diesel power units and gen-set industrial generator engines that deliver the power you need in extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as every field, agricultural, and industrial condition. John Deere engines have a reputation for reliability, and for good reason. Downtime immediately impacts productivity, so it's wise to choose an engine that is durable, easy to service and maintain, and can be counted on to perform for years to come. Customers choose John Deere engines, because it's an investment in a quality product that will be easy to install and operate, with fuel economy that benefits the bottom line.

We can help you choose the right John Deere engine for your needs and your engine will arrive ready to go, providing maximum power in a compact package. John Deere engine blocks offer front or side mounting options, with variable fan heights and speed ratios to meet space and sound restrictions. Engineering and technological advancements often allow a 4-cylinder engine to provide power comparable to its 6-cylinder counterparts. John Deere's warranty is an industry standard, which provides you extra peace of mind.

Industrial-Irrigation is proud to work with a strong and efficient global John Deere dealer network that offers complete installation, parts and service support.  Your John Deere dealers highly trained staff of technicians and parts specialists will keep your engine running strong for years to come.  With a combination of John Deere and Industrial-Irrigation, you simply can't go wrong.

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In the table below, you'll find information about our most popular Interim Tier IV, John Deere diesel engines for agricultural and industrial use. Downloadable spec sheets are helpful in making comparisons. Please contact us for information and specifications on Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III engines and packages for export use as well as engines for Generator packages. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, or if you need further information.

Interim Tier IV John Deere PowerTech

ModelRated Speed (RPM)Displacement L / cu in. # of CylindersAspirationHP at Rated SpeedSpec
4045TF29024004.5/ 2754Turbo74PDF
4045HFC922200-24004.5/ 2754Air-to-Air85, 99, 115PDF
4045HFC932200-24004.5/ 2754Air-to-Air125, 140PDF
6068HFC932200-24006.8/ 4156Air-to-Air140, 155, 173PDF
6068HFC942200-24006.8/ 4156Air-to-Air185, 200, 225PDF
6090HFC942000-22009.0/ 5496Air-to-Air250, 275, 300PDF
6090HFC952000-22009.0/ 5496Air-to-Air325, 350, 375, 400PDF
6135HFC951900-210013.5/ 8246Air-to-Air400-600PDF