Today, Industrial-Irrigation concentrates on marketing four engine brands: John Deere, General MotorsOrigin and Siemens Gas Engines.  We customize these engines for a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications including irrigation power units, oil & gas power units, generator sets and numerous other applications.

Our GM, Siemens Gas Engines and Origin spark-ignited engine models can be fueled by natural gas, wellhead gas, LPG, biogas and ethanol and are used in stationary and mobile applications. Our John Deere engines are fueled by diesel and are also used in a wide variety of stationary and mobile applications.

We provide both emission certified and non-certified engine packages and also offer products from such respected companies as HIPOWER, Funk, Murphy, Twin Disc and more.

Products Lines

  • John Deere

    Industrial-Irrigation is a global supplier of customized, John Deere PowerTech™ diesel power units and gen-set industrial generator engines that deliver the power you need in extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as every field, agricultural, and ind
  • GM

    Industrial-Irrigation has a full line of GM Vortec Industrial Engines (3.0L - 5.7 liter) for industrial applications. We offer 4, 6, and 8-cylinder spark-ignited engines for a variety of uses - all backed by GM's reputation of power, reliability and fuel
  • Origin

    Industrial-Irrigation is proud to offer Origin Engines certified and non-certified industrial engines fueled with natural gas, wellhead gas, LPG or biogas. Origin Engines are available in 6.2L, 8.0L, 9.1L and 10.3L platforms, and are configured specifical

    HIPOWER diesel generators are available in open skid or sound diminishing enclosure configurations, for use in a wide range of industrial applications. HIPOWER consistently ranks among the highest quality industrial diesel generators available on the mark
  • Twin Disc

    Twin Disc is a global leader in the design, production and distribution of power transmission equipment for use in industrial applications. When it comes to turning horsepower into productivity, Twin Disc delivers what you need, when you need it. With a r
  • Murphy

    Industrial-Irrigation offers a full range of F.W. Murphy control products for diesel and spark ignited engines, irrigation engine gages, engine compressors, and diagnostic equipment. Our F.W. Murphy engine control experts in the Industrial-Irrigation part
  • Funk

    Industrial-Irrigation offers a full range of Funk™ drivetrain components. Funk™ is a division of John Deere Power Systems, and is a world-leader in powertrain components for agricultural equipment. Backed by a reputation built by John Deere's reliability
  • Siemens Gas Engine

  • TECO-Westinghouse