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Enovation Controls

Industrial-Irrigation offers a full range of F.W. Murphy control products for diesel and spark ignited engines, irrigation engine gages, engine compressors, and diagnostic equipment. Our F.W. Murphy engine control experts in the Industrial-Irrigation parts department can meet your mechanical instrumentation, electronic instrumentation, and safety shutdown needs. We handle a wide-variety of F.W. Murphy controls, panels, gages, and displays - all backed by a solid warranty, and nearly 100 years of expertise.

Murphy truly puts horsepower to work, with parts designed and built to meet ever-changing emissions regulations in diesel and spark ignited engines. Murphy PowerView displays, for example, offer innovative operator interface. Remote monitoring capabilities test a wide variety of needs, such as soil moisture, temperature, and more.  Also, please ask about our new EMS PRO and EMS PRO Lite panels built specifically for irrigation and pump applications.

Here you'll find comprehensive information about the Murphy products we carry. Don't hesitate to contact a dealer for more information.

Murphy Products

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