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Reliable off-grid power generation.

If your industry takes you where the power lines don’t run, we’ve got the solution. Our prime power generation engines provide a reliable source of continuous energy and are just as rugged as the remote areas they serve. Even when you’re off the grid, you’ll never be out of power.

Engineered for your kind of work.

Our engineering support truly sets us apart from our competitors. To ensure that your power solution will meet the demands of your application and location, we provide:

  • Upfront consulting focusing on your needs
  • In-house engineering support
  • Custom engine package design

Meeting prime power requirements.

An engine that serves as your primary source of power needs to meet different requirements than a backup generator, so we engineer our power generation packages specifically to:

  • Deliver continuous power
  • Operate for extended periods
  • Provide years of reliability and durability

At home in remote areas.

No matter how far out in the sticks your work takes you, you’ll never be stuck without power! We make power generations packages that:

  • Work independently of the utility grid
  • Stand up to continuous use and heavy loads
  • Deliver robust performance in isolated areas


Let's get started.

With more than six decades in the engine business, we understand your full-time horsepower needs.

Let’s talk about the needs of your power generation needs! If you’re looking for anything from a single base engine to multiple engineered turnkey packages, we can meet your needs with Reliable Horsepower designed to keep you running for the long haul! Give us a call!